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State measures to assist employees working at companies in difficulty


Large redundancy plans, and more broadly all redundancies for economic reasons, are usually a by-product of economic crises and have become a less frequent form of employment adjustment in recent years , even if some of these plans have remained highly publicised. In the face of accelerated changes in economic activity, but also in order to face up to the structural changes brought about by economic change, foremost among which are digitalisation, robotisation and the environmental transition, labour market adjustment methods have changed radically in the space of a few years. Therefore short-term contracts have become more widespread, as have amicable terminations of employment contracts.

The measures to assist employees working at companies experiencing difficulties and restructuring, or even disappearing, have not been sufficiently adapted to changes in the labour market and do not really seek to promote a return to
long-term, quality employment for the most vulnerable employees. It is important for the State both to continue the efforts undertaken to prevent job losses when there are clear economic difficulties and to better target redeployment aid for those employees most at risk of downgrading or insecurity.

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