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Social housing


Social housing plays a vital role in France: the 4.8 million social housing units account for one-sixth of all housing units and about half of all rental stock. In 2014, €17.5 billion in public aid was allocated to it. In a context of citizens’ high expectations and the State’s sustained action over time, the Cour des comptes and the regional and territorial courts of audit of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Île-de-France and Pays de la Loire have carried out an evaluation of public social housing policy from the perspective of the law’s primary objective: to provide lower-income and disadvantaged households with access to housing. The financial courts’ assessment confirms that social housing renders a service to the community, but it also reveals obstacles that reduce the efficiency and consistency of this public policy. Their report is accompanied by regional reports that retrace the specific investigations made in in six territories (conurbation community in the Cergy-Pontoise and Valenciennes urban areas, the Grenoble, Nantes and Nice metropolitan areas, and the département of Haute-Vienne).

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