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The Central Government budget for 2018


The Cour des comptes has presented its report on the Central Government budget for 2018, as well as 66 budget execution analyses carried out, in particular by mission and by programme.
In 2018, execution of the budget was better controlled than in previous years, notably thanks to a more realistic expenditure schedule. Despite higher than expected revenue, the Central Government deficit nevertheless grew, as a result of tax cuts and spending which continued to increase, albeit at a slow pace, particularly with regard to the wage bill. The Central Government deficit thus diverged from that of all public administrations, highlighting its particular place among them.
The ever-increasing complexity of the Central Government’s budgetary framework, which is also insufficient and unstable, hinders the analysis of expenditure and its effectiveness, particularly given the scale of tax expenditure and the growing use of funds without legal personality. The performance-based approach, the results of which have been disappointing, needs to be reformulated in order to improve expenditure efficiency.


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