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Preserving employment: the French Ministry of Labour and the health crisis


Faced with the health crisis and its economic and social consequences, the French Ministry of Labour, Employment and Professional Integration has provided wide-ranging and rapid support to companies and employees. In addition to emergency measures implemented in the early stages and extended beyond the original term, from summer 2020 a range of measures meeting various objectives aimed at taking into account new emergencies and preparing for the post-crisis period were implemented. The resources committed to the Ministry in charge of employment are unprecedented: for an executed budget of €13.4 billion in cash-limit appropriations in 2019 and €31.8 billion in 2020, the General Delegation for Employment and Vocational Training had €29.8 billion available at the beginning of 2021, not including the financing by the Unédic of certain measures or the additional appropriations provided during the year.

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