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The First President of the French Court of Accounts elected to the Board of Auditors of the United Nations


The UN General Assembly today elected the First President of the Court of Accounts as a new member of the Board of Auditors of the United Nations. In July 2022, Pierre Moscovici will succeed his German counterpart, Kay Scheller, for a six-year term. He will join the other two current members of the Committee, whose respective terms will still last two and four years: the Comptroller General of Chile and the Auditor General of China.

The Court of Accounts is granted back a seat it held from 1986 to 1989 and again from 2000 to 2010. With 16 external audit mandates in international organizations over the nearly past 40 years, the Court of Accounts presented its come back with a French and European candidacy.  

With the support of the President of the Republic, the Parliament, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Action and Public Finance, the Court has prepared itself to such responsibilities with the aim of meeting the growing needs of the United Nations in the area of external audit. The challenge is not only to audit the finances of the UN, its agencies and operations, but also their performance and organization.
With this mandate, the Court of Accounts will work at the core of its mission at the international level: to contribute to audit the proper use of UN funds and compulsory or voluntary contributions of its Member States, in order to meet their requirements for transparency and efficiency.
"I thank the United Nations for this election, which honors our country and highlights its trust in the Court of Accounts. This new mission is a clear international recognition of the value of our institution, its expertise and its credibility. We are doing our utmost to meet the high standards of the United Nations, as set by its Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, whom I am personally very happy to see again in the context of this mandate", emphasizes Pierre Moscovici, First President of the Court of Accounts.