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School and sport : Achieving an ambition


Sport at school in France combines the compulsory teaching of physical education (PE), and optional school sport, concerning over 12.4 and 2 million pupils respectively
PE teaching, which mobilises €4 billion and 37,000 teachers, is the largest item of government expenditure on sport.
The Court has already noted in 2013 the gap between school sport and the world of professional sports, whose expectations and practices are far removed from the design and the implementation of physical education. Due to the lack of a proper strategy concerning the development of sports practice in schools, these two worlds remain compartmentalised, while the interventions of the State and local authorities are not sufficiently coordinated. Overall the fragmented sports background of students does not address the disparities that prevent all students from achieving equal success.
Here The Court makes 11 recommendations to strengthen PE, revitalise the organisation of sport practice in schools, ease the coordination between school and sport, and provide this policy with verifiable targets.

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