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Reception and care of ukrainian refugees in France by the french state in 2022


The flash audit presented today provides an insight into the coordination and conditions for supporting and taking in Ukrainian refugees in the wake of the war that broke out in the country on 24 February 2022. Between the start of the conflict and September 2022, more than 7.1 million Ukrainian nationals had left their country. Four million have been granted temporary protection status or protection under a similar system in Europe. France has received 115,000 refugees, mainly women and children. On 9 March 2022, a governmentwide Ukraine crisis task force was created under the authority of the Prime Minister. Headed by the Minister of the Interior, this task force focused on its number one priority of providing shelter for the people fleeing the conflict by coordinating the actions of all the stakeholders concerned. The total expenditure that the State and social security system have committed for offering temporary protection to Ukrainian nationals is expected to amount to approximately €634 million for 2022.

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