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A public finance strategy to exit the crisis


In February, the Prime Minister entrusted the Court with a mission concerning the post-crisis public finance strategy. The Court is responding to this referral by publishing this report.
Whatever the outlook for growth will be after the crisis, the pandemic will have long-term impacts on the French economy and public finances. Given this context, public debt sustainability is a sovereignty issue: it is a necessary condition for contending with future economic shocks and remaining in a position to finance the policies and functioning of public administrations.
To ensure this sustainability, the Court is proposing a strategy based on two pillars: strengthening potential growth and controlling public spending. This effort should be accompanied by an overhaul of the public finance governance framework, an improvement to the quality of public expenditure in five priority sectors and a strengthening of the equity and efficiency of policies and public administrations.
To this end, the Court is formulating 27 recommendations.

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