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The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral construction site


On 15 April 2019, a fire broke out at Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, destroying part of the monument and threatening its survival. Following this disaster, a wave of solidarity made it possible to raise the funds necessary for its preservation and restoration through a national contribution. This momentum has continued with the confirmation of pledges, 98% of which are now contracted. As such, cash donations totalled €841.5m at the end of 2021, plus donations in kind and in the form of skills sponsorship worth at least €5m. These help to reduce the financial cost of the work and cover part of the missions on public information and promoting heritage professions. A specific public agency was created by law and since 1 January 2020 has been in charge of the work, the aim being to reopen in 2024. In accordance with the commitments made by the Court of Accounts when it published its first report in September 2020, a new audit was conducted at the end of the conservation work – as the restoration work got under way – on the conditions under which it was carried out and its financing. The Court has made seven audit recommendations, following those suggested in 2020, aimed at ensuring the restoration of the entire cathedral and preparing for its reopening, drawing on the lessons of the past, both in terms of safety and the quality of reception.

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