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The Ministry of Culture's support for the performing arts


Since its creation, the Ministry of Culture has pursued a policy of support for the performing arts, aiming to encourage artistic creation, to provide broad access to theatres, music, dance, circus and street arts throughout the country, and to develop and diversify audiences. The Ministry’s action is conducted through a wide variety of intervention methods, without equivalent abroad. The policy relies on major national operators, as well as on a series of “labelled” (accredited) venues and networks: in 2019, 10 labels distributed among each of the disciplines together covered more than 300 stablishments and organisations throughout the country. To this should be added the many grants for more than a thousand companies, nearly 200 artist residencies and 150 festivals. The survey published today by the Court of Auditors focuses on the structural changes in the policy implemented by the Ministry of Culture up to 2020. It notes that although it today accounts
for a minority share of the financing for this sector, the Ministry still plays a key role, but under conditions that require changes in the organisation of its action. Furthermore, it notes that although currently very abundant, the range of shows - which its support policy helps to develop - is struggling to achieve its objectives in terms of democratisation and dissemination.

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