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Medium-sized cities in Occitania


The Cour des comptes and the regional chambers of accounts of Occitania conducted a survey of 26 medium-sized cities in Occitania and their intermunicipal authority for cooperation between local authorities (EPCI). These regions, which are home to 1.8 million people, i.e. 31% of the region's population and 18% of its jobs, are an essential link in its regional organisation and the subject of important public policies. Within these regions, medium-sized cities face specific economic, social and financial difficulties, meaning the weaknesses and shortcomings of their intermunicipal structures are accentuated.

The findings of this survey, which reflect the diversity of national urban dynamics, lead the financial courts to make 10 audit recommendations aimed at improving the attractiveness of these medium-sized cities, through comprehensive strategy
involving the central government and other key players in the region.
The findings and audit recommendations, made before the health crisis, remain relevant in the current context.

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