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The French military programming law (LPM) 2019-2025 and the capacities of the armed forces


After more than a quarter of a century of cuts in spending and in the size of the armed forces, the 2019-2025 military programming law (LPM) plans to increase the proportion of military spending to 2% of GDP in 2025 and to create 6,000 jobs. This budgetary growth trajectory, which aims to regenerate the operational capital of the armed forces and constitutes a first step towards a “complete and balanced army model”, is proposed against the international backdrop of conflict in Ukraine. Given this geopolitical context, which poses new threats to the European continent, and the increased strategic competition between the world’s major powers, there is really little doubt that the existing military programming will have to be revised. The report published today by the Court of Accounts assesses the first three years of implementation of the 2019-2025 LPM,
and makes three main recommendations.

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