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Evaluating the attractiveness of targeted poor districts


For 40 years, the policy towards disadvantaged urban districts has set out to close the gaps between “targeted poor neighbourhoods” and others, by improving the living environment for their residents. The central government is putting forward €10 billion a year towards this aim, which is being combined with urban regeneration funding and an unclear amount of investment from local public authorities.
Drawing on a nationwide study and an in-depth investigation on the situation in eight targeted poor neighbourhoods, the Cour des comptes and four Regional Chambers of Accounts have evaluated one of the key objectives of this public policy, the attractiveness of targeted distincts, focusing on three aspects of daily life: housing, education and economic activity.
Despite the financial and human resources deployed, little progress has been made to improve their attractiveness over the last ten years. In response to this, the Cour des comptes has put forward four specific areas of focus and 13 recommendations.

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