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Detection of tax fraud by individuals


In 2022, the Court of Accounts held its first public consultation to gather proposals for investigations to enrich its work programme. Following nearly 9,000 registrations and 333 online contributions, six topics were investigated in 2023. The detection of personal tax fraud is the fourth citizen-driven report to be published. The success of the second campaign in 2023 (over 20,000 participants and 622 contributions) demonstrated the public’s interest in this tool. The new
themes selected by the financial jurisdictions will be presented on 3 January. The citizens’ contributions at the origin of this survey justified this proposal by "the need to check that the administration has effective means of detecting tax fraud by individuals", a sign of the French people’s attachment to tax civic-mindedness and the principle of equality before the tax. In accordance with the request made to the Court, this report deals only with taxes paid directly by individuals. In 2022, this amounted to more than €160 billion. Effectively combating tax fraud is not only one of the conditions for tax compliance, but also a budgetary issue, given that the total amount recovered by the tax authorities after an audit amounted to €14.6 billion in 2022, of which just over a third concerned private individuals.

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