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Central government funding in overseas territories


The repeated social tensions - linked in particular to employment, inequality and insecurity - that the overseas territories experienced between 2006 and 2009, then again in 2017 in French Guiana and 2018 in Mayotte and Reunion, underline the continued, even worsening, economic and social vulnerabilities of these territories.Central government tried to respond to each of these crises by implementing a number of emergency plans, and by significantly increasing its budgetary effort.In 2021, the overall budget (budget expenditures and tax expenditures) earmarked to support overseas territories public policies amounted to €27.3 billion, excluding social expenditures, representing 11% more than in 2020.Despite this increased commitment from central government to the overseas territories, the Court observes an underperformance of the expenditure approved. In addition, the Interdepartmental Overseas Policy Paper (DPT) –describing the state’s interdepartmental action overseas– proves to be comprehensive, but ultimately not useful for informing Parliament about central government’s strategy and the extent to which actions have succeeded. In the report published today, the Court makes ten recommendations that would, among other things, improve the information given to parliamentarians and the public.

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