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The Valentin Haüy foundation


The Valentin Haüy Foundation (VHF), which serves blind and visually impaired people, was created by the Valentin Haüy Association with an endowment of €95 million, and recognised as a public charity in July 2012. In its articles of association, its purpose is very similar to that of the founding association. In practice, its main activity is to manage its assets, both immovable and movable property, and to use the income from these assets to finance the association’s activities and, to a very small but growing extent (around 10%), some of its own projects. However, it has not developed a real activity of collecting donations and legacies (which amounted to around €1 million in the 2017 and 2018 financial years, and half of this sum in 2019 and 2020). Now an umbrella foundation, it welcomes a small number of shelter foundations under its aegis, with limited activity. The audit took place at the same time as that of the association of the same name, whose report the Court is publishing today.

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