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Vaccination against Covid-19


Today’s report is the first by the Court of Accounts to specifically address the context, organisation and results of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.
In December 2020, this vaccination campaign began, just a few months after the pandemic became global. Initially targeted at the population groups most exposed to severe forms of the virus, in particular residents of nursing homes, the vaccination was made progressively but rapidly accessible to the entire population aged 12 and over, from spring 2021. Vaccinating an entire population in such a short period of time was unprecedented. It took place in a complex and unprecedented context: strategy, organisation and logistics had to be adapted continuously, particularly during the first few months, in order to effectively cover the most exposed people and then the entire population. Although the cost of this vaccination can be put into perspective in relation to the benefits it has brought, significant and sometimes problematic disparities in vaccination coverage persist.

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