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Telework in the civil service after the health crisis


Telework under general laws, which appeared informally in the 1990s, was introduced in the civil service in 2012 by the so-called Sauvadet law. It is distinct from “enforced” telework in exceptional circumstances, imposed by the employer to protect staff and simultaneously ensure the continuity of public services. Until the health crisis, telework in the civil service was relatively insignificant. During the health crisis, the decree of 5 May 2020 extended and relaxed the use of telework under general laws, and then the collective bargaining agreement of 13 July 2021 on its implementation in the civil service required employers to negotiate or renegotiate their telework arrangements. The use of telework during the Covid-19 pandemic, albeit on a restricted basis, paved the way to it becoming commonplace. The report published today analyses recent developments in the area of telework as well as issues raised by the use of telework in terms of maintaining the quality of public services, while noting the opportunities it offers in relation to improving services for users.

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