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Supporting the agroecological transition


This report is part of a body of work intended to present, for several major public policies, the main challenges that public decision-makers will face in the coming years and the levers that could make it possible to meet them. This series of publications, which runs from October to December 2021, follows on from the report submitted in June 2021 to the President of the Republic, A public finance strategy to exit the crisis. This summary work aims to develop, for several essential structural issues, diagnostic elements resulting from previous work of the Court and courses of action capable of consolidating long-term growth while reinforcing the fairness, effectiveness and efficiency of public policies.
In accordance with its constitutional mission of informing citizens, the Court wished to develop a new approach, which differs from its usual work, and thus make, through this series of deliberately very concise and targeted reports, its contribution to the public debate, while taking care to leave open the various possible avenues of reform.

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