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Support for organic farming


Over the last decade, organic farming has undergone a change of scale, with the share of organic farming in the agricultural area increasing from 3% to 10% between 2010 and 2021and organic consumption increasing 3.5 times over this period. Now 19% of farmers are organic. In the report published today, the Court of Accounts, after a detailed review of the scientific literature, recalls the benefits of organic farming, particularly in terms of health and the environment, and observes that the development of organic farming is the best way to make the agri-environmental transition successful and lead so-called conventional farms towards more environmentally friendly practices. However, the policy of support for organic farming remains insufficient: since 2010, successive action programmes have failed to achieve the objectives of 15% of agricultural land in organic farming and 20% of organic food in public canteens by 2022. To help achieve the new objectives set by France and the European Union, the Court of Accounts makes 12 recommendations.

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