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The Scribe Programme


Launched in December 2015, the future software for drafting procedures in the framework of police investigations – called " Scribe" – was initially intended to be a common tool that would replace the police and gendarmerie's software for drafting procedures. As part of a broad and complex digital evolution within the National Police, Scribe was to contribute to the implementation of the digital criminal procedure (PPN), a procedure that is entirely dematerialised throughout the criminal chain. However, following an internal audit of the service provider, the project was frozen in March 2021, before finally being abandoned in the autumn due to a series of organisational, technical and legal problems. In the flash audit published today, the Court of Accounts identifies the different factors of this failure. Since its inception, this programme has been characterised by the lack of a framework and very insufficient formalisation of the statement of requirements, as well as a lack of control at all
levels, in particular over the external service provider selected. Six years after its launch, the Scribe programme (€13.28 million of expenditure between 2016 and 2022) is a prime example of poor project management.