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Pupils’ individual monitoring


On 4 March 2015, the Cour des comptes issued a public report devoted to pupils’ individual monitoring: an ambition to be reconciled with the organisation of the education system. The target enshrined by the Law of 23 April 2005 and later reaffirmed by that of 8 July 2013, is to bring 100% of students in each age group up to the level of the common core of skills and knowledge by the end of compulsory schooling. But the results that France obtained in the last PISA survey, and the high proportion of young people leaving school before graduating, testify to the inability of the current education system to meet the objectives set for it. In its 2010 report on the achievement of all pupils, the Cour concluded in particular that school education had "failed to truly integrate the tasks of monitoring and assisting pupils" and that the successive reforms introduced by the Ministry had soon evidenced their shortcomings, since they "fell in line with an organisation of schools that remained unchanged". In 2013, the Cour called for “teachers to be managed differently" to halt deteriorating school performance. Despite developments since then, this report, which focused on measures put in place to meet the heterogeneous needs of students, came up with similar findings: an education system organised in a way that prevents the set goals from being achieved.

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