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Public prevention policies for occupational health in companies


Occupational health is a major issue: while under the Labour Code, companies are
responsible for protecting the health of their employees, nearly one million accidents, several hundred of which are fatal, and nearly 50,000 new cases of occupational diseases are recorded each year. To compensate victims, companies pay around €14 billion each year, mainly to the “accidents at work and occupational diseases” (AT-MP) branch of the social security. The human consequences of these accidents, the cost of compensation measures and the social cost for the whole community, including the companies concerned, justifies the public authorities strengthening and supporting the steps taken by companies through regulations and a prevention policy. While preventive actions carried out in this respect represent a cost of approximately €2 billion, the public authorities are trying to unite the many stakeholders around this policy in an area historically marked by codetermination. The report published today by the Court of Accounts examines the extent to which occupational health and safety prevention policies are successful in creating a situation that encourages companies to consider the issue of their employees’ health.

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