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Prevention, collection and treatment of household waste


The health crisis has recently reminded us that waste management, and in particular the public waste management service (SPGD), is an essential service provided by municipalities or their groupings. The wide variety of materials and objects that make up the 39 million tonnes of household and similar waste (HSW) produced in France makes its collection and treatment both more complex and more costly than that of other waste - even though the volume of other waste is larger. With annual expenditure on HSW management of €10.9 billion, i.e. 61.5% of total waste management expenditure, the financial stakes are high. Ten years after the publication of a previous report that pointed out shortcomings, the financial
courts felt it would be useful to re-examine the relevance and efficiency of the HSW prevention and management policy. The report published today is based on a national and international analysis by the Court of Accounts and 51 audits by the Regional and Territorial Chambers of Accounts.

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