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Posting and mobility of state officials


The posting of state officials to open positions, upon initial recruitment or subsequent mobilities, is a key factor both in the quality of public services and the quality of life at work.

State administrations must at all times post their staff to where they are needed the most across the territory and to the various ministerial departments in order to meet the needs of the services. As well as concern for numbers – having enough public officials to provide essential services –, which has long been predominant, a more qualitative dimension has recently been added: posting staff with the most appropriate experience and profile to the most sensitive or difficult positions.
While the Court has a regular opportunity to review the way in which public officials are managed, this is the first time that it has published a summary of the rules and practices used to post State officials, whether upon their initial posting or subsequent mobilities. It has sought, through a combination of various approaches, to assess whether these rules and practices have proved effective in fulfilling the staffing needs of posts as defined by budgetary authorisations and central administrations.
However, it did not examine the adequacy of tools used by the central government to assess requirements at national level and by ministry or to distribute jobs across the territories. It is therefore not the purpose of this report to verify whether there is are sufficient numbers of public officials deployed throughout the territory and by ministry to meet users’ needs.
Similarly, the survey does not examine the specificities of the overseas départements and communities.

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