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Police training


The National Police had just over 126,000 active employees in 2020, including 9,200 commissioners and officers, 107,600 patrol officers and 10,300 ancillary police officers. The initial and on-going training of these people is particularly important because of the prerogatives associated with internal security missions, which are managed within a strict regulatory and ethical framework. The system for training the National Police faces a number of stresses: strong fluctuations in recruitment, the creation of new posts, and an increase in retirements over the next ten years. These factors will continue to put pressure on the schools, especially as the duration of the courses for patrol officers and ancillary police officers will be extended. The training must also equip the institution to face new threats (such as cybercrime). In the report published today, the Court of Accounts makes thirteen recommendations that aim to respond to these new needs, divided into three main areas: the organization of and resources for training; initial training; and continuing education.

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