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The National Sports Agency and the new governance of sport


Sport policy, which has all the characteristics of a public service mission based on the no-tion of general interest, falls under the general jurisdiction of the Central Government. However, this jurisdiction is shared and there is a plurality of stakeholders in the govern-ance of sport, as provided for in the Acts of 1975 and 1984. In a report published in 2013, the Court highlighted the need for a coordinated Central Government policy framework to be established. The April 2019 creation of the National Sports Agency is a new attempt to reform the governance of sport between the Central Government, the sport movement, local authorities (the main contributors, representing 63% of public spending on sport) and, now, the business world as well. While it is possible to take stock of the new policies implemented since the creation of the Agency, it is too early to assess their results. The report published today examines the political, legal and financial choices that led to the creation of the Agency, as well as the conditions for its establishment, and makes a series of recommendations to enable this ambitious reform to achieve its goals.

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