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The Lucie Care endowment fund


The Court of Accounts ensures, during its audits of organisations making public appeals for donations, that the funds collected are in line with these organisations’ stated objectives. If this is not the case, the Court issues a declaration of non-compliance, which is then made public.
Formed in 2015 by the non-profit organisation Union Nationale des Aveugles et Déficients Visuels (Unadev - National association for the blind and visually impaired), being its sole founder, the Lucie Care endowment fund was intended in particular to offer donors the opportunity to support the cause of visually-impaired young people. With an initial endowment of €3 million from Unadev, the endowment fund has gradually spent most of it without managing to raise any significant new funds over the 2017-2019 period. While it did carry out some projects for visually-impaired young people in line with its stated purpose, it spent most of its money on fundraising. For these reasons, the Court of Accounts finds that the expenditure incurred for the financial years 2017 to 2019 by the Lucie Care endowment fund did not comply with the objectives pursued by its public appeal for donations, which leads it to issue a declaration of non-compliance.

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