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Local public finances in 2020 - Pamphlets 2 and 3


In order to ensure that the French National Assembly is better informed, since 2019, the Cour des comptes has presented its annual report on local public finances in two parts.
Pamphlet 1, focusing on the financial position in 2019, was published in June 2020. Pamphlets 2 and 3, published jointly, focusing on the impact of the health crisis on local finances, with a review of local public management in particular, including, this year, a review on how establishing métropoles (metropolitan administrative entities) has gone.

Working side-by-side with the central government in response to the health crisis, local public authorities will experience huge changes in their financial positions in 2020. Even though it seemed only moderate at first glance, the crisis will have a hugely unequal effect across different types of local public authorities and will increase inequalities.
In addition, the review on how establishing the 21 métropoles examined in the report has gone gives a hardly convincing picture. Their creation has not yet had
the desired structural effects in terms of pooling, transferring jurisdictions and influencing.

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