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The issuance of identity and driving documents


At the request of the Senate Finance Committee, against the backdrop of an unprecedented rise in issuing times for identity cards and passports, the Court of Accounts has carried out an investigation entitled “The issuance of identity and driving documents: A crisis in the process of being resolved, future challenges to be addressed”.
The issuance of identity and driving documents has been largely digitised since the “New Generation Prefectures” plan came into force in November 2017. Many players, both public and private, are involved in the issuance chain. Town halls register applications for identity documents, expertise and resource centres (centres d’expertise et de ressources titres, CERT) process document applications, the Imprimerie Nationale (French National Printing Office) produces the documents, and so on. The Court analyses the origins of the crisis, the resources expended to resolve it and the challenges that need to be addressed to avoid a new crisis.

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