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International student mobility


In 2017-2018, 245,000 students came to France for credited study (for a period of more than a year), ranking France 4th in the world. Over 90,000 French students took part in credited study abroad (ranking 6th in the world). In addition, almost 44,000 French students took part in Erasmus+ in 2016 (non-credited study, for a period of less than a year).
The Cour des comptes of France carried out a detailed survey on the various forms of student mobility among all stakeholders concerned (incoming, outgoing, relocation, credited and non-credited), based on data which is often unpublished.
A factor in outreach and competitiveness, international student mobility concerns four ministries and two operators (Erasmus+ and Campus France), resulting in a total estimated expenditure of €2.5 billion. Public authorities set a target of 500,000 incoming students to France for 2027 and 400,000 French outgoing students to Europe in 2024. To meet such a challenge in acceptable financial and qualitative conditions, a number of key reforms should be undertaken.
The Cour des comptes of France has formulated 11 recommendations to improve knowledge, promotion, management, leadership and, ultimately, effectiveness of the system for international student mobility.

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