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The financial situation of the social security system in 2018


To better inform the Parliament during the public finance policy debate, the Cour now presents its analyses on the financial situation of the social security system in two stages.
This report studying the social security accounts in 2018 is the first stage.
The aggregate deficit of the general social security scheme and of the old-age solidarity fund (fonds de solidarité vieillesse, FSV) is close to balance, representing -€1.2Bn in 2018 compared with -€5.1Bn in 2017.
The growth norm for healthcare expenditure (objectif national des dépenses d’assurance maladie - Ondam) rose by 2.2%, which is 0.1 point less than expected in the social security financing law. However, overall expenditures have increased more rapidly in 2018 than in 2017 (+2.4% compared with +2% based on a constant-data basis), mainly due to the growth rate of old-age insurance expenditure.

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