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Établissement public Condorcet Campus (EPCC)


Announced in September 2009, the project to create a campus dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) was intended to drive the revival of this discipline in France.
Établissement Public Condorcet Campus (EPCC), often lauded as the counterpart of the Paris-Saclay operation, is the result of a partnership project bringing together eleven institutions including “grandes écoles”, universities and research bodies. The Grand Équipement Documentaire (GED) was designed as a shared international documentary and
digital platform, the purpose of which was to bring everything together. However, the Court notes that the start-up of this public agency is currently facing major difficulties: its working methods (involving cooperation, pooling and coordination) have not been precisely defined, and its ability to support researchers in their work – in addition to the access to equipment it offers them – is still to be developed. There is a significant risk that this establishment, which has fallen far short of initial expectations, will be reduced to the role of manager of a real estate project that has not yet been completed.

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