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Certification of the general social security system financial statements fiscal year 2018


The Cour des comptes has published its thirteenth report on the certification of the social security system financial statements for the 2018 fiscal year. Its opinion on the regularity, fairness and truthfulness of these financial statements provides information on the quality of the collection of social security contributions and the rightful payment of benefits to insured persons and beneficiaries of the social security system.
For the sixth year in a row, the Cour certifies the financial statements of all entities in the general system, while expressing 29 qualifications (compared with 28 for 2017).
Several qualifications were mitigated in 2018, with 28 audit points having been satisfied during the year, concerning, for instance, the participation of medical control services in risk management, the follow-up of recommendations from audits carried out by certain organisations or the inclusion of information systems in risk mapping.

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