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The active solidarity income (RSA)


The main instrument for combating poverty, the active solidarity income (RSA) is now allocated to more than two million households with annual expenditure of €15 billion - the health crisis having increased the risk of precariousness. The report published today assesses the results of this system, which has never been assessed in its entirety since 2011, despite the continuous increase in the number of beneficiaries and its importance in social and financial terms. This work, led by the Court of Auditors and ten regional and territorial chambers, is based on national investigations and surveys carried out in nine departments, each of which illustrates a specific situation: Allier, Aude, Bas-Rhin, Gironde, Ille-et-Vilaine, Martinique, Pas-de-Calais, Réunion and Seine-Saint-Denis. Carried out by relying on numerous databases, this ambitious evaluation identifies the successes of the RSA, such as protection against extreme poverty, and proposes three main pathways to remedy the weaknesses of the system.

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