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Support for housing in the face of climate change and an ageing population


While France has recently adopted a possible warming scenario of around 2°C by 2050, in that same year the country could have 7.2 million inhabitants aged between 75 and 84, i.e. 75% more than today. As such, the objective of “living better at home”, in addition to efforts to combat global warming, promote energy efficiency and thermal comfort in housing, includes the adaptation of primary residences to enable people to age at home. Against this backdrop, the members of the National Assembly’s Public Policy Evaluation and Oversight Committee (CEC) sought clarification on the public support that has been provided for a number of years to help households renovate their homes to save energy, and on the impact of this support. This aid is the subject of legislative and regulatory measures that are frequently amended, with neither their impact on public finances nor their environmental effectiveness being accurately tracked. This report comes at a time when the government’s announcements on adapting housing to ageing, through the creation of a new “MaPrimeAdapt’” subsidy on 1 January 2024, point to similarities with the “MaPrimeRénov’” subsidy scheme for thermal renovation of housing.

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