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State-subsidised private education


At the start of the 2022 school year, there were more than 2 million pupils, or 17.6% of the total number of school enrolments in France, enrolled in state-subsidised private education in just over 7,500 establishments. Created by the law of 31 December 1959, known as the Debré Law, the system of state-subsidised private education associates classes in private schools and establishments with the state education service wherein these schools and establishments enter into a contract with the State, under the terms of which they make certain commitments, such as compliance with the curricula defined by the Ministry of Education and non-discrimination in terms of pupil intake. It should be noted that state-subsidised private education is dominated by Catholic education (96% of enrolments). The report published today looks at the organisation and funding of private education, focusing in particular on trends in the social and educational mix in these establishments. It also highlights the characteristics of their management and the difficulties in proposing a renewal of the contractual relationship between private education and the State.

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