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The State budget in 2022 (Results and management)


The Court of Accounts has published its 2022 central government Budget Report, accompanied by 64 budget performance analyses.
The year 2022 was marked by a further increase in government spending, despite a sharp fall in spending on health emergencies and stimulus plan measures. This increase can be explained not only by the energy crisis and inflation, but also by the increase in the State’s “ordinary” expenditure and the very marked increase in the cost of interest on debt.
2022 has also seen exceptional growth in revenues. However, as most of this increase has been used to finance new expenditure, the State budget deficit remained high in 2022, at €151.4 bn, a decline of €58.8 bn compared with 2019 pre-pandemic figures. In addition to this “ratchet effect”, an analysis of 2022 highlights several budgetary risks for the future.

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