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SNCF Réseau


As a result of the 2014 railway reforms, France now has a unified full-fledged railway infrastructure manager in place in the form of SNCF Réseau, which is equipped with all the operational resources it requires to deliver on its remit. In 2018 a new reform transformed the organisation, with effect from the 1st of January 2020, into a public limited company, reporting to the new SNCF group, thereby ending as of this date the recruitment of personnel with special status.
In spite of these reforms and the contribution represented by the government's taking on of part of its debt, SNCF Réseau’s economic and financial model will have to demonstrate its stability by improving the company's performance, failing which it may sink back into excessive indebtedness in the future.
The current rate of the company's investment also shows a decline in the network renovation drive that will, at constant size, be difficult to remedy without further government intervention.

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