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Quality of service on the île-de-france regional express network (RER)


The Regional Express Network (RER) has grown steadily since the 1970s, marking a turning point in transport services in the Île-de-France region. Given the scale of the impact on passengers, reliability, frequency and passenger information are key issues for this network.
The five RER lines are operated by SNCF Voyageurs (and more specifically SNCF Transilien) and RATP, on a shared basis for lines A and B, and entirely by SNCF Voyageurs for lines C, D and E, both of which are contractually bound to Île-de-France Mobilité, the transport organising authority. They are a typical example of mass transit, particularly lines A and B, which rank first and second in Europe in terms of ridership - each carrying more than a million passengers a day. The RER allows a remarkable flow of journeys at a relatively low cost to users. The report published today examines the components of service quality and the role played by passenger perceptions, as well as other levers for improvement such as investment in rolling stock and infrastructure, involving SNCF Transilien, SNCF Réseau, RATP and RATP GI.

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