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PIA tools dedicated to the valorisation of public research


Valorisation of public research refers to the way in which knowledge developed by researchers in public structures is used by companies or the researchers themselves to produce economic and social value.

This may be achieved via partnerships between public laboratories and companies, technology transfers or researchers’ moving between the public and private sectors. This valorisation is vital to nurture companies’ innovation and stimulate competitiveness and growth in the economy.

New solutions designed to improve valorisation of public research have been created in the framework of the future investment programme (PIA). The Cour des Comptes has prepared an initial assessment of their functioning in order to analyse their effectiveness, following on from its report in 2015 on management and governance of the PIA.

The government’s support for this policy can only be assessed over the long term. Nevertheless, the results obtained by some valorisation structures set up by the PIA, which are well below initial forecasts, should lead to the public authorities rapidly tightening the scope and funding of these new tools.

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