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La Poste


La Poste group, France’s second-largest public sector employer with over 250,000 employees, operates across a variety of fields (banking, postal services, parcels delivery, mobile telephony, etc.), including through subsidiaries in France and abroad. La Poste delivers a public service throughout the country through two major networks: a network of contact points (over 17,000, including 9,149 post offices) and a delivery network (with over 72,000 postmen and women delivering mail to 39 million letterboxes, six days a week). La Poste is facing a steady decline in mail volumes, reducing its revenue by €500 million every year. In addition to this challenge, the company needs to successfully complete its digital transformation, respond to growth in e-commerce and, for La Banque Postale, cope with low interest rates. While La Poste has managed to evolve and has proved resilient, weaknesses and exogenous risks remain. To endure, it must therefore step up the pace of its transformation.

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