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Housing in overseas departements and regions


Overseas départements and regions (DROMs) face specific constraints in terms of housing: building land is scarce and expensive due to their geography, construction costs are higher than in mainland France and rapid and heterogeneous demographic changes make planning more complex.

Despite the efforts made in recent years, notably through the first Overseas Housing Plan (PLOM) adopted in 2015, private and public stakeholders appear to be struggling to meet demand - in particular for social and very social rental housing - and to improve the housing conditions of overseas residents.
The housing stock in the DROMs amounts to 775,000 dwellings for 2,152,000 inhabitants, of which only 155,000 are social housing. Between 2002 and 2017, it has received cumulative central government funding, in grants and tax expenditure, in excess of €3.6bn.
The Cour des comptes calls for a profound rethinking of intervention mechanisms adopted by the public authorities. The aim of the second PLOM is to refocus them on the reality of local situations and the needs of the population.

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