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Employment access for young people


The structure of the French labour market puts young people in particular at a disadvantage. It takes them longer to find stable employment, they are more commonly faced with job insecurity and involuntary part-time work, and they have a high poverty rate. For several decades, a number of assistance measures implemented by a range of operators have been rolled out to rectify this situation. This system of state support has a high cost (€10.5bn in 2015), and this figure is rising, but the results obtained in terms of access to long-term employment do not coincide with the stated targets or the resources that have been mobilised. The financial courts are now recommending that state support be more closely focused on those young people who are the furthest from employment, and to prioritise rapid responses and intensive approaches. Their report includes seven area-based guides: Est-Ensemble, Le Creusot – Montceau-Les-Mines, Limoux, Saint-Étienne, Seine-Eure/Haute-Normandie, Thiers and Toulouse.

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