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Departmental disability centres in Aquitaine


On 21 January 2014, the Cour des comptes issued a public report devoted to Departmental disability centres in Aquitaine. The Aquitaine Poitou-Charentes Regional Chamber of Accounts (RCA) reviewed the management of the five departmental disability centres (MDPH) in Aquitaine - in the Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques departments. This report summarises the review and supplements it with an assessment of the quality of service provided to disabled persons and their families and an analysis of spending on benefits and the roles assigned to the five departmental centres. It aims to produce an overview of the development and activity of these centres, which were established under the Law of 11 February 2005. This is the first time that the Court of Accounts is issuing a thematic report covering a single region and based on the work carried out by a Regional Chamber of Accounts. The observations and recommendations it contains only apply to the local authorities and public sector entities in this region. They represent the local situation and cannot be extrapolated nationwide.

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