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Resulting from the reorganisation of Oséo, CDC Entreprises, Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement (FSI) and FSI Régions, Banque publique d’investissement (Bpifrance) was launched in 2012 to develop and broaden government support for corporate financing and to mitigate the risk of a credit crunch. Its successful launch resulted in the creation of a group with prolific capacity for action, whose lending and equity investment operations in 2015 together amounted to EUR 18.8 billion which benefitted almost 71,200 companies. It is now desirable for Bpifrance to stabilise its activity and to take strict control of its running costs. Lastly, shareholders' discussions on the development of the group's economic and financial model should involve a clarification of the government's strategy for financing Bpifrance's activities.

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