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Becoming a teacher : initial training and recruitment of primary and secondary school teachers


Pupils' success at school owes a great deal to the quality of the teaching and the support provided by their teachers throughout their learning process. The quality of teacher recruitment and training is thus crucial for school performance. The recruitment and initial training of future teachers have undergone several reforms over previous decades. However, since 2010, this new framework has shown itself to be unstable and does not guarantee that the training satisfactorily prepares students for their entry into the profession and for their future duties. A reflection on the development of the teaching profession, on the place of teachers in society and on the practical conditions of the exercise of their duties must be conducted. The attractiveness crisis that has often been mentioned over the last twenty years is now becoming more tangible, even if many students or people changing careers remain attracted to teaching. The report published today by the Court of Accounts aims in particular to assess the attractiveness of recruitment and the quality of their initial training.

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