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Additional private sector pensions


For the first time, on 18 December 2014, the Cour des comptes issued a public report on Ensuring the future of additional private sector pensions (agirc and arrco), the additional pension schemes managed by the two main associations that act as pension funds for both executives and non executive employees, respectively AGIRC (Association générale des institutions de retraite des cadres) and ARRCO (Association pour le régime de retraite complémentaire des salariés). Managed and controlled by social partners, equally representing employers and employees, these pension schemes currently cover 18 million employees and 12 million pensioners. The pensions they pay out (over €70 billion per year) represent a substantial part of pensioners' earnings. The Cour highlights the aggravation of these schemes’ financial situation, which calls for urgent measures. In the run-up to the negotiations to be opened in early 2015, this report seeks to raise social partners’ awareness of the vast array of choices that lie ahead of them to improve the situation.

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