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Council of Europe


Pursuant to a Committee of Ministers decision of 13 February 2019, the Council of Europe External Audit was entrusted to the Cour des comptes of France for a period of five years which will begin with the 2019 financial year, in accordance with Article 69 of the Council of Europe Financial Regulations (“The External Auditor shall be the supreme audit institution of a member state, as properly represented according to the national legislation of this member state, and shall be appointed by the Committee of Ministers for a non-renewable term of five years”).

The mandate given to the External Auditor covers both the audit of the financial statements, the budgetary management accounts and a review of the performance and regularity of the management of the Council of Europe.

The External Auditor’s role consists in expressing every year opinions and to issue reports on the financial statements and the budgetary management of accounts of the Organisation (Article 71 and 72 of the Financial Regulations).

Article 71 of the Financial Regulations also states that “the External Auditor shall make observations with respect to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the financial procedures, the accounting system and the administration and management of the Organisation”.

In line with the provisions of Article 70 of the Financial Regulations of the Council of Europe, the External Auditor conducts his audits in accordance with International auditing standards (ISAs) and with the International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions (Issai), and in accordance with the Additional Terms of Reference set out in the annex to the Financial Regulations.

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