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The French Court of Accounts Registry’s procedures certified with the ISO 9001 international standard


On 14 June 2018, the French Court of Accounts Registry’s procedures were deemed to meet the international standards and thus they have been certified with the international standard ISO 9001 (2015 version).

The ISO 9001 defines quality management requirements for the making of products and services in a customer centric mind-set.
The certification was issued by the AFNOR group, a worldwide accreditation body for standardisation. The director of AFNOR delivered this certification to the First President of the Court on 29 June.

The Court Registry is responsible for implementing a number of legal proceedings decided in the Financial Jurisdictions Code, professional standards, internal texts and instructions. It ensures compliance with procedures during audits, judgements, evaluations and helps guarantee quality in the way audit reports and judgments are presented.
Starting in early 2016, after the Public Prosecutor’s office in 2008, the ISO 9001 qualification issued to the Court Registry demonstrates a second collective effort to make procedures and processes implemented by the jurisdiction more secure. This embodies the entire Court’s commitment to the scrupulous implementation of its procedures, notably the collegiality of its decisions and the possibility for audited bodies to make their opinion heard before final observations, recommendations or decisions.

Issued by Afnor Certification and lasting three years, the ISO 9001 certification proves that the Court Registry meets quality requirements renowned worldwide of bettering its own performance and efficiency while still ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, auditors, auditees and other stakeholders.  Annual audits will ensure the Court Registry continues to meet these requirements.

Having experienced service certifications handling rigorous and complex procedures twice, the Court can now offer assistance in this respect to any interested Supreme Audit Institution.